Käbala Kämping

Käbala kämping: puhkus ja majutus

Lääne-Virumaa looduses

Open from 01. may - 01. october..
Kämpingu majake
karavani parkla
In Käbala camping there are accommodation possibilities in 10 wooden cabins for 20 people. There is a campsite and a sauna. We also have a caravan park with electricity. Nearby there are magical Äntu lakes, the tower at Emumäe hill, Kiltsi Manorial Estate and museum in Väike-Maarja. Visit the local guide at visitpandivere.ee Käbala camping is located near the middle of Lääne-virumaa. The camping itself is surrounded by natural beauty. Open from 01. may - 01. october.